Acceptable Use Policy

About the Electronic Discussion Group - The ABRF operates an email based discussion group covering a broad range of topics of interest to its members. The list topics include both protein/peptide and nucleic acid chemistry, sequencing, synthesis, mass spectrometry, amino acid analysis, biocomputing, imaging, laboratory management and other scientific or core facility related topics. Members range from junior technical staff to departmental chairs. The group has over 1600 members on 6 continents. The discussion forum has been enhanced to allow participation in a web forum interface. Attachments sent by e-mail will be stripped from the e-mail distribution and replaced with a link to the web site where the attachment can be viewed or downloaded. Attachments can also be posted via the web forum interface. People browsing the list from the web will see links to the attachments on the web site.

There is strong feeling among our membership that no political messages be sent to the list, no matter how important or heartfelt. There should also be no advertising of any kind or other junk or nonscientific mail. The listmaster may suspend or revoke the list privileges of repeat offenders.

Anyone who is associated with a vendor in any way (employee or consultant) should interpret "no advertising of any kind" very conservatively so as to not breach convention. This includes any linking to vendor sites within the text of a response. A vendor may include one URL pointing to the home page of their company along with an e-mail address in the signature of their post.

Our list management software is set to require subjects on all messages. All attachments will be stripped to prevent virus propagation . Because a significant number of people use e-mail clients without html capabilities (and because of the security risks inherent in html formatted messages), only plain text will be posted to the list.

Please do not set up "autoresponders" to reply to this list. Sometimes autoresponders do not handle the list messages correctly and result in a "mail loop" which floods the list (not to mention your inbox!) with useless messages.

Replies often elicit new responses. This mechanism permits us all to share in the knowledge and amplifies and enriches the discussion. We encourage you to respond to the list for the benefit of everyone as opposed to sending private responses. When you hit "reply" note that the list address will be included by default - if you truly want to reply directly to the person, you will need to edit the recipient address. If you receive responses that have been addressed only to you, we encourage you to forward them to the abrf list address (with permission) or make a summary and send that along.

We're all learning from one another. It is important not to make fun of someone who makes an error or displays some ignorance on line. We're supposed to be asking questions for which we don't know the answer.