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Topics in Core Administrators Network Forum
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Reclaiming and Redistributing University Equipment 8 p-hockberger at 7:07pm, Feb 25
Feedback requested: Rigor and Reproducibility 4 Frances Weis-Garcia at 2:38am, Feb 23
Asset Management 5 amanda.white at 1:03am, Feb 09
Professional Development for Core Directors 5 Heather.Richards at 6:53pm, Feb 02
Be sure to take the FASEB survey on cores! 1 Sheenah.Mische at 9:09pm, Jan 26
Communications Committee Editor Needed 1 amanda.white at 5:38pm, Jan 18
ABRF Newsletter - Solicitation for Articles 1 amanda.white at 5:30pm, Jan 18
core administrators network forum Topic Digest: 0 New Posts, 0 New Topics 1 aartigues at 5:03pm, Jan 06
Admin-Is-In at ABRF Annual Meeting 7 Linda Wilkie at 3:28pm, Dec 15
Publicizing Research Core Facilities 14 amanda.white at 2:59pm, Nov 22
determining a rate for a new instrument with extended warranty 8 Peter.Lopez at 9:57pm, Nov 07
NCI Research Specialist (Core-based Scientist) Award (R50) 6 Heather.Richards at 9:08pm, Nov 07
Equiptment purchased with NIH Funds 2 Sean McSorley at 3:42pm, Nov 04
ABRF-IT Session (I need your help) 1 amanda.white at 6:51pm, Oct 28
Industry rates and incentives 9 jphipps at 2:06pm, Oct 26
Job Posting - Research Accounting Director 1 Veronica.Rice at 8:34pm, Oct 21
Materials Management Systems 3 dshiozak at 2:56pm, Oct 20
Hybrid and matrixed core service structure 7 bkoch at 3:55pm, Oct 19
High Performance Computing & Storage Fees 7 aaron-rosen at 9:11pm, Oct 11
Externally Earned F&A 4 woloshin at 9:05pm, Sep 16