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Topics in Core Administrators Network Forum
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Core management software options 4 dwarner at 3:24pm, May 19
Opportunity: Director of Operations, Core Facilities 1 nbcurtis at 6:36pm, May 03
BSL-3 Laboratory 1 Jeff Weiss at 5:45pm, May 02
% cost recovery 5 Frances Weis-Garcia at 2:23am, Apr 19
iota Sciences' Cloning Platform 1 amanda.white at 7:42pm, Apr 14
open position at NYU Langone 1 sheenah.mische at 2:54pm, Apr 14
GLP/QMS : Charging grants/contracts? 1 tmchugh at 6:22pm, Mar 15
Automation experience - NGS liquid handlers 2 Jeff Weiss at 12:08am, Mar 10
Stem Cell Cores 8 Julie Auger at 1:29am, Mar 04
External Usage Policies and Agreements 10 Mike Bertram at 1:19pm, Feb 28
Reqeust from the ABRF NSF ATE Working Group 1 Frances Weis-Garcia at 2:03am, Feb 20
ABRF Town Hall - Core Internal Funding Programs - 2/16; 12:00 pm ET 1 GroupServer Administrator at 6:48pm, Feb 07
Bulk Pricing 2 Andrew Ott at 3:19pm, Jan 21
EXT] Service agreements 3 Khale at 9:34pm, Jan 04
Service agreements 3 M Tardif at 9:30pm, Jan 03
Core Facilities Funding Models 1 Claudius.Mundoma at 5:22pm, Dec 07
Correct Terminology 12 joseph.dragavon at 2:39am, Nov 25
External clients negotiating terms for agreements 4 Matt DeVries at 6:56pm, Nov 18
mRNA production core 2 James Timmins at 1:27pm, Nov 08 2 Andrew Ott at 7:14pm, Oct 29