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Topics in ABRF Discussion Forum
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Nanoflow chromatographic peak shape problems 1 Brian Hampton at 10:40pm, Apr 17
Acetylation 1 allis at 3:52pm, Apr 03
Illumina/NGS Dinner at ABRF2018 - RSVP by 4/6 1 Seth Crosby at 1:44pm, Apr 03
detergent removal 16 Brian Hampton at 10:11pm, Apr 02
IEF pH micro-range strips 4 richelle783 at 10:54am, Mar 30
CHiP "experts" 4 Frances Weis-Garcia at 12:38pm, Mar 28
2018 ABRF Awardee is attending all of ABRF2018 1 Frances Weis-Garcia at 2:32pm, Mar 27
Eldex hydrolysis vessel caps are there alternatives? 1 dhardie at 9:44pm, Mar 26
Non-payment by outside PIs -> Any recourse? 11 Brett Phinney at 5:20pm, Mar 26
Interested in the ABRF Mentoring Program? 1 Deb McMillen at 5:39pm, Mar 23
Mass Spectrometer 5 Dirk at 4:03pm, Mar 20
CyTOF 2 Reg Miller at 7:46pm, Mar 15
SPE c18 on serum 5 aalpert at 7:07pm, Mar 13
Power supply board for Ultimate WPS 3000 T Autosampler 1 chad.borges at 1:47am, Mar 13
Leave group 2 matthew.powell at 1:45pm, Mar 02
XCMS software 1 masmzm at 7:04pm, Feb 28
Repeat Pipetters 3 DavidA at 5:16pm, Feb 27
question re fouling of the capillary tube in Q Exactive 1 billb at 12:03pm, Feb 27
In-gel digestion in 96 well format 1 mraida at 6:13am, Feb 25
TMT data analysis examples 1 pwilmart at 10:32pm, Feb 18