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Topics in ABRF Discussion Forum
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Maxquant 2 michelle.dubuke at 8:07pm, Oct 12
Liquid junction setups for nano LC MS 3 michael.barrett.andersen at 11:51am, Oct 09
EASY-Spray C18 PepMap RSLC Emitter Spray Sputter 17 jkowalak at 12:51pm, Oct 03
Empore alternative 4 Adam Rabalski at 10:25pm, Sep 27
Duties of A Chief Research Lab Tecnician in Proteomics 13 kgij2 at 1:59pm, Sep 25
Procise protein sequencer PC software problem 3 pawel.mak at 6:18am, Sep 24
Fluorometric peptide concentration assay - for proteomics workflows 3 Brian Hampton at 7:19pm, Sep 22
An MPC ClientPro 565 computer 1 faull at 2:28am, Sep 21
Components for an old HP 1090 Chemstation 1 faull at 5:21pm, Sep 20
Procise Protein Sequencers notice ... BAD Lot of R4A (Lot# 18D010) 1 david_chiara at 3:33pm, Sep 20
Looking Flp-In™-293 cell line and pOG44 plasmid DNA 1 Bhupal at 9:04pm, Sep 13
REMI 4 cook at 3:05pm, Sep 12
Post-doc in “Collaborative Proteomics Research”, Newcastle, UK 1 matthias.trost at 11:47am, Sep 12
maintenance contract satisfaction/value 5 Noah D4 at 6:20pm, Sep 11
Lexogen QuantSeq Libraries 9 agp at 3:33pm, Sep 04
crash course in cell microsopy 2 Debby Hollingshead at 12:30pm, Aug 29
MassLynx Windows XP restore CD 2 leoiwai at 7:12pm, Aug 27
MS2Go - software tool for converting result files of Thermo Scientific™ Proteome Discoverer™ into user-friendly Excel workbooks 1 karl.mechtler at 5:40pm, Aug 24
DNA seq: "blue shadow" T-C artifact 4 daniel at 10:03pm, Aug 23
heating urea 8M at 60C? 17 Brian Hampton at 7:39pm, Aug 23