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Topics in ABRF Discussion Forum
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Expedeon GELFrEE 8100 7 ronanfolan at 6:54am, Oct 17
A GC/MS contaminant problem 1 faull at 5:57pm, Oct 15
Computer for an old HP 1090 Chemstation 2 faull at 11:30pm, Oct 14
Thought this might be useful to folks on this list who are doing variant annotation 1 ben.busby at 6:32pm, Oct 02
ABI 3130xl & 3730 Service Contract Alternatives 4 chao.jimmy at 12:54pm, Sep 27
intact protein mass in a Q Exactive via nano-flow? 1 billb at 6:24pm, Sep 19
Core Review Metrics 5 ggrills333 at 5:37pm, Sep 18
dried blood spot proteomics 3 dingh at 7:25pm, Aug 30
Gel bands 7 RLoo at 6:02pm, Aug 30
A question about data analysis on Thermo software 4 yanwang at 8:07pm, Aug 29
Suggestions for cost effective, small volume, small molecule mass spec services 2 dagueb at 2:30pm, Aug 02
IP of lysine acetylated peptides 11 dingh at 3:27pm, Aug 01
LIMS system for Genomics Core 1 fred.w.kolling.iv at 1:40pm, Jul 30
Position available: Advanced Microscopy and Imaging Core, University of TN, Knoxville 1 jphipps at 2:38pm, Jul 23
plsama abundant protein depletion 4 Brian Hampton at 4:58pm, Jul 15
public mass spectrometry data 1 turck at 11:08am, Jul 10
connecting a 1/16" fitting to a Viper valve 3 aalpert at 7:04pm, Jul 05
Question about conjugating peptide pools to carrier proteins 3 EKolesanova at 2:41pm, Jul 02
Saponins in an Orbitrap Velos? 2 leoiwai at 2:27pm, Jun 28
EXTERNAL] MilliQ Water for MS 1 randy.wilhelm at 6:49pm, Jun 21