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The Association of Biomolecular Resource Facilities (ABRF) operates an email and web forum based discussion group covering a broad range of topics of interest to its members. The list topics include both protein/peptide and nucleic acid chemistry, sequencing, synthesis, mass spectrometry, amino acid analysis, imaging, biocomputing and laboratory management. Members range from junior technical staff to departmental chairs. The group has over 1600 members on 6 continents. The discussion forum accommodates attachments. Attachments sent by e-mail are removed from the e-mail distribution and replaced by a link to the web site where the attachment can be viewed or downloaded. Attachments can also be posted via the web forum. People browsing the list from the web will see links to the attachments on the web site.

If you have a controversial or difficult question, response or problem which you would like to post anonymously, consider establishing for yourself an pseudonymous e-mail account(s) which are available from many sources.  This can be done via Google, Yahoo, or Hotmail where you would use a pseudonym in place of your real name to establish pseudonymous email account to remain anonymous on the discussion forum.  Here is a tutorial if you are really serious about being anonymous - https://www.eff.org/deeplinks/2012/11/tutorial-how-create-anonymous-email-accounts

If at all possible, post information along with your identification. Consider the credibility this lends to the information in the message.

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